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Terms and Conditions

At SM Web technologies, we try our best to create a space where you can explore the services you want or shop your favorite products and things in a safe and secured zone. Keeping this in mind, we have published our terms and conditions for your reference. Our terms of services are the same for everyone who accesses our website.
For terms of use, we followed “You” or “User” which always mean any natural or legalized person through valid registrations with us. SM Web technologies also allow the user to access the website without any prior registrations. Some of the terms like “We”, “Us”, “Our” mean SM Web Technologies in owning and operating the smwebtech.com.
Your access to our website tools and services is governed by the terms and conditions. In case of any transactions on our website, you fall under the transaction policy as applicable. In short, your activity on our website sometimes applies to a particular section of privacy. Through continuous usage and proper actions, you oblige with our SM Web Technologies.
On the further discussion about our terms of service, you’re supposed to accept the below terms and conditions:

Membership Eligibility:

One can use this website if they qualify all the legality and other conditions. In case, if they fail to meet it, SM Web Technologies has the right to remove, hold or deny your actions completely from the website.

Account and Registrations:

We assure full protection over your data and other information. At the same time, we also want you to follow confidentiality to avoid any loss of data. SM Web technologies never take any responsibility for any such data theft, and so on.

E Platform:

SM Web Technologies is only meant for your knowledge. On the other side, we are just updating you with the products and services available on the market. So, we are not any buyers or sellers in online trade. You must understand that your money is only controlled by the person where you are submitting your transactions or bills.


As a registered seller, you must have the right to list your item in our list or website only as per the policies, our terms of service, and the infringement act.

Pricing Information:

The price mentioned in our products may typically vary. So, all users are requested to verify the price before making any purchase on the third-party links used on our website. In case of any variations in price or errors, SM Web technologies are not responsible for it.


In rule with the cancellation policy at SM Web technologies, your order may get canceled in case we detect any suspicious account access or billing method. Cancellation is also applicable when there is no stock left or if we fail to deliver within a stipulated time.

Credit Card Details:

While using your credit card for availing any service, make sure that your information is accurate and it is only owned by you. For a successful transaction, it is also important to provide the necessary and valid details for the successful transactions.

Fraud Activities or Declined transactions:

SM Web technologies have the right to reserve the cost to recover goods damage, collection charges, and if needed, a lawyer fee. We also reserve the right to file a case in case if we found any continuous unlawful acts from the suspicious account.

Payment, EMI, and Cancellation:

SM Web technologies are just an information provider of any service or product. We are not responsible for any product purchase, rent, or sell from any of the providers. On making a purchase with the buyer, their own EMI and Cancellation policy will follow. Even the shipping, delivery, damage cost, and others will also vary from us.

Copyright and Trademark:

SM Web technologies and its workforce reserve all intellectual property rights in terms of text, programs, products, process, technology, materials, content, images, and so on. Accessing this website has a proprietary license for its purpose.

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